July 1, 2009

Portland Trail Blazers 2009 Summer League Roster

The 2009 Trail Blazers Summer League roster has finally been released!  I know we've all been waiting to see which hopefuls would be joining reigning MVP Jerryd Bayless and the Blazers newest draft picks.  Here you go!

Jerryd Bayless - G - Arizona
Jeff Pendergraph - F - Arizona State
Dante Cunningham -  F - Villanova
Patty Mills - G - St. Mary's (CA)
Thomas Gardner - G - Missouri
Pooh Jeter - G - Portland
Bobby Jones - F - Washington
David Padgett - F - Louisville
Deji Akindele - C - Chicago State
Matt Freije - F - Vanderbilt
Dwayne Mitchell - F - Lousiana-Lafayette
David Moss  - G - Indiana State

Summer League Head Coach - Joe Prunty

(Full Blazers Summer League Schedule Here)

I'm not about to go into a breakdown of the summer league roster as that would be a complete waste of time.  All I know is that Bayless will dominate again while many of us will get to see if Pendergraph and Cunningham are ready to step into a roster spot.

It's nice to see Jeter and Gardner on the squad getting a chance in the league but neither will make a big enough splash.  At least they get to continue to live the dream  for a few more years.

The 2 questions we'll need answering are:
  • Can Bayless become a point guard or just remain a scorer?
  • Is Patty Mills an NBA level prospect?
The rest of the 2009 NBA Summer League coverage can be found at NBA.com.
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T-Mac 7/2/09, 10:06 AM  

Pendergraph...isn't he the guy Channing Frye beat up in workouts? The same Channing who was the 10th guy on the team last year? Wow.

kellex 7/6/09, 1:39 PM  

Yes he is. But isn't Channing the guy that's been in the league for 4 years?

Anonymous 7/8/09, 6:08 PM  

Patty Mills is red hot - He tore up Team USA in the Olympics.

Anonymous 7/12/09, 9:38 AM  

i think is about time deji akindele gets a chance to show what he's made of......

Anonymous 7/13/09, 1:33 AM  

guys what do u think about Matt Freije?

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