July 1, 2009

Rudy Fernandez Upset with Portland Over Turkoglu Pursuit?

Just as the free agency movement was about to begin, the Blazers have apparently pissed off their Spanish back-up, Rudy Fernandez.  It looks like Rudy would not be happy with the addition of Hedo Turkoglu to the roster for obvious playing time reasons.  ESPN has the scoop...
Portland's pursuit of a certain player from Turkey has infuriated the Trail Blazers' lone remaining Spanish player, Rudy Fernandez, to the point where he'd prefer to play in Greece, Russia or even Spain again, ESPN.com learned Tuesday.

A league source told ESPN.com that Fernandez has already been courted informally by European powerhouses Olympiacos, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and CSKA Moscow as word spread that the Blazers had become the apparent front-runners to land free agent Hedo Turkoglu.
Are we surprised by this?  Not at all.  Do we really care that much?  A little.

First off, Rudy will likely be re-upped by the Blazers in the next year and will start to really earn some solid money in the NBA if that is a worry of his, plus his contract with the Blazers would have to be terminated before he could take off back to Europe.

My opinion?  If the guy wants to be an All-Star in this league and see significant playing time and touches, then he needs to bulk the hell up and learn to play some legitimate defense.  If he really wants to be a long-term NBA guy, worrying about Nate McMillan's system isn't going to get him anywhere.  There are plenty of other issues within that this kid needs to work on first.

Did the Sergio trade have anything to do with this?  Possibly.  If it did, someone please remind Rudy that this is a business and not a fraternity of buddies.

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Joseph 7/1/09, 1:06 PM  

Rudy > Hedo

I'd rather that Rudy have the ball than Turkoglu.

Then again, I wasn't much of a supporter for signing Turk anyway. How about a backup PF and an elite PG, rather than yet another SF?

kellex 7/1/09, 1:32 PM  

I'm guessing that the front office feels an above average SF will put them over the edge and Rudy is still too fresh at this stage.

Let's just hope they smooth it over with him; I'd hate to see the guy go so soon when we all know he hasn't come close to his ceiling yet.

Bart King 7/1/09, 1:51 PM  

Sacrilege! Rudy will NEVER bulk up.

kellex 7/1/09, 2:39 PM  

New Reports! Rudy's agent says that if Turkoglu is picked up by the Blazers, then Rudy will demand a trade. Eek.

Nice first day!

Anonymous 7/1/09, 7:17 PM  

i would rather have rudy develop hands down over taking HEDO. he is a head case. Rudy is a huge fan favorite and a great spark of energy for our team. Keep Rudy and forget Hedo.

kellex 7/1/09, 8:05 PM  

Most sources close to the team think this ESPN rumor is bogus anyway. We'll see once Rudy comes out of the Spanish Alps and contacts everyone...or something. :)

Anonymous 7/2/09, 4:37 AM  

NBA teams should realize once and for all that european stars have excellent alternatives in Europe, in terms of salary, stardom, etc. Subsequently, if they want to invest on a european player and keep him in their roster, they'll have to give up other "policies" which are completely normal in the U.S. I mean, american players are crazy about playing and developping in the NBA. It is their league, it is their country. Europeans love playing in the NBA, but not at any cost. They'll stay if they are given chances and if their teams invest on them. Otherwise, it is much easier to return to Europe, make big money, be a superstar, and livei n your own country. And it makes total sense, at least to me.

kellex 7/2/09, 7:39 AM  

Great points.

I'm just sick of hearing them say "it has always been a dream to play in the NBA" if after one season and a couple of trades to better their team they start complaining.

Hopefully today we'll find out the true story.

Anonymous 7/2/09, 7:42 AM  

"New Reports! Rudy's agent says that if Turkoglu is picked up by the Blazers, then Rudy will demand a trade. Eek."

You have a source on this? KP is saying he talked to Rudy about Turk and the Draft and Sergio and it was all good.

And guy who posted above me, you cant just go back to Europe when youre under contract, so basically your whole statement doesnt apply to this situation.

Overall report of Rudy being upset is about 9/10 on the bullshit scale from ESPN.

Anonymous 7/2/09, 7:44 AM  

ESPN.com's Chris Sheridan reported yesterday that Rudy Fernadez was infuriated with the Trail Blazers pursuit of Hedo Turkoglu. That came as a surprise to coach Nate McMillan and general manager Kevin Pritchard.

"I just spoke with Rudy two days ago, to see how he was doing, and he said he was doing fine and that he was happy," McMillan told The Oregonian. "I talked to him about our moves, and how we did in the draft, and why we did what we did in the draft and he was fine with it. We talked about Sergio Rodriguez and he was OK with everything we've done."

"We joked around," Pritchard said. "And we had a fantastic exit interview. He talked about how excited he was to come back."

Pritchard said he has not spoken with Fernandez Wednesday, but he did leave a message for Fernandez to call him.

7/2 - ESPN.com

kellex 7/2/09, 9:49 AM  

The report from ESPN is likely BS and we shouldn't be surprised.

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