July 16, 2009

Utah Jazz to Match Paul Milsap Offer

It looks like Portland has lost out on another player during this off-season free agent period.  According to sources close to the situation, Utah plans on matching the "toxic" offer that Portland laid out for Milsap almost one week ago.

The quick RealGM story...
The Utah Jazz will match the Portland Trailblazers' offer sheet to restricted free agent Paul Millsap, a person with knowledge of the negotiations tells senior writer Ken Berger.

The offer, said to be at four years for $32 million, lays the groundwork for the Jazz to trade forward Carlos Boozer.
"Another one bites the dust"?  So where does Portland and Kevin Pritchard go from here?  As the rest of the elite teams in the league keep getting better, the Blazers are stuck with the exact same, round 1 losing team, of last year.  And on top of that, the team has "reportedly" pissed off its superstar.

It was also nice of Sean May to work out for Portland, but is he really the off-season splash Portland needs?  Hinrich officially out of the question?  If New York is going to get Andre Miller for a measly $5 million, why isn't Portland after him?  Lamar Odom not cancerous enough to ponder?

I'll be interested to see where we all go from here.  So far, things aren't looking bright and KP is going to hear it from the trolls on every messageboard and local FM sports radio station.  However, the one thing we need to all be reminded of is that the cap space the Blazers will have without a move this off-season, could turn into a mid-season blockbuster to push them over the top.

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