September 30, 2009

Blazers Training Camp Concerns or Thoughts?

How can you not love this week?  There are so many storylines, so much hype and way too much media, but we still enjoy it all.  What if this season turns out to be one we'll never forget?  It sure has that certain feel about it doesn't it?  Even with all the positive vibes flowing from Tualatin, we still have some thoughts and concerns...
  • Brandon Roy on Blake vs. Miller - Since Monday, I've seen at least three columns from major local media outlets quoting Brandon Roy as saying how "comfortable" he is with Steve Blake.  We've also seen the not-so-positive coverage of Andre Miller's media day which included a lack of "chemistry" between he and Roy followed up now with full fledged articles specifically propping up Steve Blake as the truest of "true" point guards.  At some point the local media needs to ease up on it's coverage of this situation before it actually does become a distraction.  Nice welcome from the local media to our new $7 million dollar a year point guard.
  • The Aldridge Contract - This hasn't been an issue, but now that we're fully engulfed in camp, it might become one; and once again, I'm going after the media for this topic.  If you continue to ask the kid after each practice whether or not his contract negotiations are a distraction, you're going to make it one.  I love LaMarcus, but he has always come off as a little too worried about himself which could make everything uneasy unlike the Brandon Roy contract talks which were a non-issue if you approached them as any reasonable person should.
  • Oden Expectations - Who isn't loving everything they are hearing about Greg Oden?  Lighter, happier, hungrier, with possibly a few shimmies thrown in here or there?  For me, it's an I'll believe it when I see it sort of thing, but right now, Blazers fans have got to be salivating.
  • Tired - The rumors of Hedo Turkoglu's exhaustion have been confirmed now that Raptors training camp has started.  Apparently his deep run into the Playoffs followed by his play with the Turkish national team have left him just too tired to participate with the rest of his new teammates.  Everyone should now take a minute to thank his wife and the Turkish population of Toronto.
  • Camp Invitees -  Other than Ime, do we care about any of these guys?  If people really start breaking down Quinton Hosley's off-hand or Jarron Collins' post presence, we've all hit rock bottom.  Once your roster position hits the teens, you are no longer worthy of coverage.

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