September 24, 2009

Trail Blazers Media Day 1 via Twitter

The updates and highlights from yesterday's media day as viewed through our sparkling Twitter eyes.
"They have been competitive to say the least. Andre Miller does not let players take plays off." -KP on offseason workouts

Nate said he'd start training camp with the same starting 5 that ended the season last year. Roy, LA, Blake, Przy, Batum

Blazers Blog:
KP calls Dre Miller a "unique leader"

KP on workouts: Andre does not let players take plays off . . . I think Andre + Blake can play together.

KP on GO: we don't want to throw the entire kitchen sink at him now

Blazers Edge:
Kevin Pritchard just called @johnhollinger "the expert in the world" when it comes to offensive efficiency.

Pritchard: "we call Andre Miller the director."

Kevin Pritchard described Jerryd Bayless as "anxious" to see playing time but also called him a "pro" in handling the situation.

Kevin Pritchard re. 15th roster spot: "They say you can never have too many bigs. But I'm a former PG + you can never have too many PGs"

Blazer Banter:
Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard says point guard Andre Miller has become known as "The Director"

Blazers GM Pritchard says contract negotiations with LaMarcus Aldridge are ongoing. Pritchard says contract will not be an issue during camp

Blazers GM Pritchard on coach McMillan dealing with roster-depth issues: 'Nate is as good as they are'

Blazers GM Pritchard says team is not afraid of expectations, ready to take it to another level

Blazers center Greg Oden hit 18 straight free throws today during practice, has developed a short turnaround jump shot.

Blazers guard Steve Blake has fully recovered from surgery. After hitting first post-surgery shot, Blake said, 'That feels so much better'

Blazers coach McMillan says this is 'Phase two of my era'

Blazers coach McMillan says 'Players will decide who plays, based on what they do on the floor'

Blazers coach McMillan says team will initially look at 10-man rotation

Blazers coach McMillan says 'I've seen teams on paper. I don't get caught up in that. ... We've got to show it.'

Blazers coach McMillan: 'We have a lot of guys who need the ball and want the ball. (Andre Miller) doesn't need to score to be productive.'

Blazers coach McMillan says LaMarcus Aldridge is in a good spot mentally and will be ready to go when training camp begins.

Trail Post:
Pritchard recap he sez something will happen some day

Probably shouldnt have asked kp about cba

Free bottled water hell yes

Nate McMillan media day summary: Grumble grumble we'll be good this year.

Most awkward part of media day: Tim Chisholm yelling "YOU LIE!" at Kevin Pritchard
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