October 7, 2009

Brandon Roy NBA 10 Release Party - Meet Yer Boy!

This Saturday, you can hang out with B-Roy at his NBA 10: The Inside release party and have a chance to battle him in front of the crowd at his own game.  Sounds pretty solid right?  Here is the info...

Event Time: 
3:00-5:00PM, Saturday, October 10th

Event Spot: 
Game Crazy
15660 SW Pacific Hwy, Ste. 100
Tigard, OR 97224

He'll be there signing copies of the game and probably anything else you've got, plus one of you lucky fans in attendance will have the chance to battle him. 

We're going to try and cruise down there to at least cap some pictures and see what kind of turnout the event gets.  After seeing the 17,000+ crazies at the Fan Fest, I'm guessing this party will have quite a large crowd.  If anyone is heading down there, make sure to hit us up via Twitter or email!

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Anonymous 10/10/09, 7:16 PM  

This was the funnest day i ever had glad i got pictures and stood next to Broy!!!!

kellex 10/19/09, 10:47 PM  

Awesome! Glad to hear you made it!

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