October 19, 2009

LaMarcus Aldridge House for Sale?

Ran into a Lake Oswego house listing today that has a special theater dedicated to one of your favorite Blazers. This specific Blazers player also happens to be the in the midst of some lengthy contract negotiations.

We're going to imagine this has nothing to do with contract talks and assume he just needed a change of scenery.  Maybe he just needs to move close to the practice facility?  Maybe the nausea from those awful "L.O." stickers has finally gotten to him?


Virtual Globetrotting has basically confirmed that it's his house.


Via comment, a picture of LaMarcus sitting in the kitchen featured in the listing above.  At least he confirmed yesterday that he'll have this new contract completed before the end of the month.

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Sports Tsar 10/19/09, 5:07 PM  

Damn Kellex! How much you making off this blog if you're house hunting in Lake Oswego?

kellex 10/19/09, 5:43 PM  

I was just taking a few minutes to dream I guess. :)

Anonymous 10/20/09, 1:07 PM  

Looks like the same house from this pic:


kellex 10/20/09, 1:21 PM  

Nice find there. Thanks

Anonymous 10/20/09, 2:58 PM  

Maybe he knows his big contract is almost done and he's getting ready to UPGRADE

Anonymous 10/21/09, 2:00 PM  

From what I hear he is looking at other houses in the area. I know he is checking out one house in the West Linn area and I assume he is looking at others as well.

Come to the NEP, LaMarcus!!!

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