October 6, 2009

Preseason Game Day 1: Kings vs. Blazers 10/6

It seems a little hard to believe that game 1 of the preseason is already upon us doesn't it?  Only a few months ago, the heartbreak of a first round playoff loss was all our minds could take.  And now?  New life and new hopes for great things!

Our "15 Thoughts" segment is likely going away this year unless we get an overwhelming response to bring it back.  It was a fun segment, but whipping that bad boy out sometimes 4 days a week for a full 82 games becomes a little much.  By the regular season, we should have something new worked out to keep it entertaining, so bear with us.  And onto a quick-thought session for each team...

"Your" Portland Trail Blazers

1.  Watch the dynamics of the second unit.  One of the best in basketball?
2.  Will Oden's confidence from Fan Fest carry over to a real game?
3.  Expect Batum-Webster battle to be worth the price of admission.
4.  Also expect to be impressed with Andre Miller.
5.  Roy and Aldridge combine for 25 minutes?

Sacramento Kings

1.  First glimpse of Tyreke Evans could be entertaining.
2.  The Paul Westphal rebirth is officially happening.
3.  How many Brockman fans show up tonight?
4.  I'm expecting Sergio to throw a lob to Rudy at some point.
5.  Sean May is starting...enough said.

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