October 7, 2009

Preseason Game Day 2: Blazers at Kings 10/7

Not much has changed from last night to tonight's game except that both teams jumped on separate airplanes and headed south to cowbell country to battle it out.  With that said, having the Blazers play the Kings in their first two games ranks up there as one of the poorest decisions by the organization in recent years.  The return of Sergio Rodriguez in the preseason is not an acceptable storyline and Tyreke Evans isn't drawing THAT much attention, yet.

No need for some insightful preview for this game, right?  Instead, how about a few random comparisons to lighten up the day.

Battle of Hairdos:  Roy's Backyard Playground vs. Rudy's Flippity Flip

Battle of Nocioni's:  New Noci vs. Old Noci

Battle of Fans:  Cowbells vs. Actual Fans

Battle of Beards:  Circa Training Camp or Circa 1980s

Battle of Politics:  Greggack Obamen vs. Spence Limbhawes


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Blazersedge Ben 10/8/09, 5:25 PM  

"Roy's Backyard Playground" made me laugh out loud.

kellex 10/8/09, 6:35 PM  

Playground steps never looked sexier.

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