October 20, 2009

Trail Blazers Finalize Deal for Streaming Games


Fifteen KGW games will be available in high-definition via trailblazers.com

Portland, Ore. – Every game on the Trail Blazers’ 15-game KGW broadcast schedule will be streamed live online in high-definition, the Portland Trail Blazers announced today.

Through a partnership with RayV, a technology leader in live sports streaming whose clients include NBA International League Pass and Fox Soccer Channel, Trail Blazers games will be available online at a cost of only $3.99 per game or $39.99 for the entire season.

The online broadcast will feature the KGW feed with Mike Barrett and Mike Rice, augmented with real-time stats, live blog commentary, fan feedback and an iamatrailblazersfan.com fantasy basketball application that allows fans to designate their starting five.

"We are extremely excited to once again be on the cutting edge of a new technology that provides our fans with another way to access Trail Blazers games,” Trail Blazers President Larry Miller said.

Streamed games will be available exclusively to fans in the team’s broadcast territory in Oregon and Southwest Washington (within a 150-mile radius from Portland) beginning with the season opener against Houston on October 27. The pregame show will start at 6:30 p.m. for the 7:00 p.m. game.

Fans can sign up, beginning this Friday, October 23, by visiting trailblazers.com. An FAQ is available on trailblazers.com that details the technical specifications required to receive the broadcast stream.

On October 12, Miller announced to fans on the weekly “Courtside” program that the Trail Blazers would be the NBA’s first team to stream live, in-market broadcasts of locally televised games. The opportunity to stream live, in-market games was granted to teams by the NBA earlier this summer.

Miller also said on Courtside that the Trail Blazers were in direct discussions with Comcast about making the 60-game Comcast SportsNet cable package available online by the beginning of the 2010 calendar year.

“We recognize that this technology represents an opportunity to distribute games that many of our fans can’t otherwise see right now,” Miller said. “Television carriage is still paramount, but we realize online coverage represents progress for a lot of fans, and we are working with Comcast Sports Net to deliver a solution as quickly as possible.”

Fans outside of the Trail Blazers’ 150-mile broadcast territory can also see games online as part of the NBA League Pass Broadband package. Details are available at NBA.com.

KGW’s 2009-10 schedule includes the following games: October 27 vs. Houston; November 6 vs. San Antonio; November 20 at Golden State; November 28 at Utah; December 1 vs. Miami; December 15 vs. Sacramento; December 25 vs. Denver; January 10 vs. Cleveland; January 15 vs. Orlando; February 3 at Utah; February 6 vs. L.A. Lakers; March 12 at Sacramento; March 21 at Phoenix; March 31 vs. New York; April 14 vs. Golden State.

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