November 24, 2009

The Afterparty: Bulls/Blazers Game 16

A party full of post-game links and coverage to give you every over-analyzed angle in hopes of making your Blazers IQ that much greater.

Andre Miller +30 in 26 minutes.  Recap over?

After the starting lineup change against Minnesota which saw Martell Webster have the 3rd quality game of his entire career, I wasn't about to jump on that unsteady bandwagon.  Last night you were treated once again to the real Martell Webster.  (Queue Eminem hook now.)  What you really should have taken from the last two games was the fact that the big 5 (yes big 5) are starting to play to their potential as a unit.  This team is known around the league as being one of the most talented and that has nothing to do with Martell Webster.  It has to do with Greg Oden, LaMarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, Rudy Fernandez and Andre Miller.  We've been waiting for these 5 to find a groove and after watching a couple of demolitions, we might be getting close.  When Webster has an out of the ordinary game like Saturday's, think of it as the Wendy's drive thru lady that had an extra crispy chicken nugget handy and tossed it in the bag because you gave her a twinkly smile at no cost.

Another nice treat was the excessive dominance inside.  With the quality of player upfront in Aldridge and Oden, there might be just a handful of teams who can compare and even put up somewhat of a fight when those two are going off like they did last night.

And yeah, Andre Miller +30 in 26 minutes.

Recap. Box Score...


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Not for long.

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