November 25, 2009

The Pre-Funk: Nets vs. Blazers 11/25

The all day coverage you need to go into tonight's contest.  We're just making sure you're prepared to drop that extra knowledge on the brosephs to get you another smidgen of respect.

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The New Jersey Nets swing into Portland tonight and the Blazers should have one thing on their mind - not being "the" team.  Meaning, the team that gives up the Nets first win of the season.  And that's all I'm bringing up.  No need to breakdown match-ups, keys to the game, or anything over-analytical.  This team is the worst in the NBA and should be a guaranteed win in the Rose Garden.

What I do want to focus on is the fact that I get to take my Grandfather to his first ever Blazers game tonight!  I'm actually pretty damn excited about it even if he does only get an 0-14 Nets squad.  My grandparents were one of the most influential pieces of my life growing up as a basketball player and person.  They never missed a game even if it meant driving through massive winter storms.  They were always in the stands cussing at my coaches, refs, or opponents and even brought our entire team PowerAde so that we stayed extra hydrated throughout games.  During all those years though, there was one thing I didn't have the chance to do, and that was enjoy a game from the stands with them.  Well with the passing of my Grandmother a few years back, it might just be one of them tonight, but we'll make sure to do some extra cheering, cussing and fueling up for the action.  Can't wait.

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joseph 11/25/09, 2:49 PM  

The commenters over at Nets Daily seem to think this is a winnable game for them.

kellex 11/25/09, 2:52 PM  

That might be the most laughable thing of 2010...and 2011.

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