December 16, 2009

The Afterparty: Kings/Blazers Game 26

A party full of post-game links and coverage to give you every over-analyzed angle in hopes of making your Blazers IQ that much greater.

I'm officially taking credit for the re-emergence of LaMarcus Aldridge.  You damn right I am.  After writing this post following the loss to the Cavs, he's turned into a $70 million player.  And to tell you the truth, I'm also taking some credit for Bayless' performance last night.  We opened up our new poll on 12/13 and look what happens!  Wow, patting ourselves on the back is quite fun.

Even though this game was against the Sacramento Kings, we'll all take it.  A much needed win against a team who doesn't even resemble last year's NBA worst.  Portland struggled at times, and looked stellar at others.  Inserting Andre Miller into the starting lineup really got things moving.  Sure, his stats aren't jumping out, but the pace of play with him in the game was so important.

And Steve Blake hit his first 2 jumpers of the year which will allow toolboxes across the interwebs to continue to shout "Trade Miller!" Fools.

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