December 14, 2009

Fixing the Point Guard Situation?

Our friends over at Dime have weighed in with their theory on the Blazers point guard situation...
If they are able to get rid of Miller (preferably for a big man), there will be more stability at the point guard spot. Coach Nate McMillan or interim coach Dean Demopoulos won’t have to worry about micro-managing their minutes or trying to play them simultaneously. Blake would start to look comfortable again and they can hopefully rekindle the same chemistry they enjoyed in 2008-09.

Getting rid of Miller would open up an opportunity for Bayless, who could resume Sergio Rodriguez’s role from a season ago. Although Bayless is an explosive offensive player, he plays more like a shooting guard and needs time to hone his point guard skills. Playing behind Blake for a season or two will allow him to develop before taking over as the starting point guard.
It's pretty hard for me to agree with that take.  Getting rid of your best point guard to allow your worst point guard to feel more comfortable just doesn't make a ton of sense to me.  If this team really wants to move forward and make changes that should lead to future successes, it comes down to playing Miller and Bayless.  The Blake experiment was a nice one last year and he took this team as far as he is capable of taking them.  

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Travis 12/14/09, 10:30 PM  

Totally agree with you.

Blake is visibly the worst PG on this team. He's too slow and small on D, too slow on O, and his shot isn't falling. (Not to mention, a lot of guys can knock down open threes in this league, including Bayless.)

I'd love to see Blake traded with a future draft pick for a backup big, but I don't think Blake's value is much right now.

kellex 12/15/09, 8:15 AM  

His value isn't much, but his expiring contract is something at least. But remember, today is Andre Miller day! Hah.

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