January 14, 2010

The Afterparty: Bucks/Blazers Game 40

A party full of post-game links and coverage to give you every over-analyzed angle in hopes of making your Blazers IQ that much greater.

Last night was pretty fun to watch for 3 quarters.  The Trail Blazers were on fire, Brandon Roy was looking as his unstoppable self, Aldridge actually made a couple fade-aways, Blake was dropping 3s, Miller was getting to the line, Martell was hitting open jumpers, Pendergraph was beasting, Rudy was flailing, and the team was actually running.  The 4th quarter on the other hand...not so pretty.  Who really cares though right?  The team was up by 30+ at one point and the game was never really in jeopardy.

What we really should be concerned about is Brandon Roy's "tight right hamstring."  He had an MRI on it today and is now listed as questionable for Friday's match-up with Orlando.  Somehow, Portland pulled off a miracle against the Spurs without Roy earlier this year, but aren't the Magic a whole other monster?  Stay glued to Twitter for updates on that situation.

On a closing note, anyone else notice Brandon Jennings' hot seat on the bench last night for the entire 4th quarter?  The kid left in the 3rd with 59 seconds left and never returned.  Was it all those ill-advised 3s?  Ill-advised hairdo?  Ill-advised Under Armour contract?  Ill-advised "Young Money" tattoo?  Maybe they were ending his game early to give him extra cushioning on the NBA's post-game Twitter rules?  Oh that's right, he deleted his account. Again.

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