January 18, 2010

Early as Hell Pre-Funk: Blazers at Wizards 1/18

The all day coverage you need to go into tonight's contest.  We're just making sure you're prepared to drop that extra knowledge on the brosephs to get you another smidgen of respect.

Party Attendees...

10:00AM game?  Damn.  I'm still wiping the fuzzies out of my eyes at this time of the day and now I've got to get ready for another Blazers game sans Brandon Roy?  Wait...and I'm actually in the office without a TV and blocked streams of anything on the internet?  Bad day.  Very bad day.

Is it possible for someone to take over the biggest jackass in the NBA award from Ron Artest?  Gilbert Arenas has definitely made the race close.  Guns in the arena compared to Hennessy at halftime?  Toss up.  OK, not toss up.  The dude needs to be locked up for a few months.  Who points a damn gun at a teammate?  Seriously, W.T.F.? 

The Blazers on the other hand will look for another inspired performance.  This would be the 35th "inspired" game of the year already.  Nothing like riding an emotional high for 77 of 82 games eh?  Let's just say this, if LaMarcus Aldridge dives for a ball in a 2nd straight game, you can expect a win.  Just remember, the chances of that happening are about as good as Oden returning for the Playoffs this year.

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Kristin 1/18/10, 9:20 AM  

You can get the radio stream online for free on NBA.com. You just have to have an account on NBA.com, which everyone should have since they've been voting for Brandon Roy in the all star voting, right???

Once you're logged in, go here: http://www.nba.com/allaccess/watchListen.html

kellex 1/18/10, 10:00 AM  

Look at you coming through Kristin! I'm going to try League Pass too :D


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