January 11, 2010

Kobe is One Thing. LeBron is Something Else.

What a treat, right?  The weekend that many Portland Trail Blazers fans had marked on their calendars the minute the 2009-10 schedule was released had finally arrived.  A weekend with ticket packages built around it.  A weekend where fans were able to witness 2 of the greatest players in NBA history in just a 3 day span.  A weekend which fulfilled 2 separate but expected outcomes.  A weekend where really, we learned nothing, but enjoyed the hell out of it.

The First Expectation...

Friday night was absolutely amazing.  As a fan, the Blazers did everything you could have asked for.  You had role players filling voids, whining from the Lakers, and one of the most efficient games from an NBA player you'll probably ever see.  As a basketball enthusiast, you should also be grinning.  It was essentially a perfectly played game by Portland.  Did they need one to have a chance?  Of course they did.

As expectations go, this one brings a little light through the clouds each winter.  Make that 9 in a row in the Rose Garden against the team that this city dislikes more than any other.  It is a rivalry.  No matter what the Lakers' Portland base will have you believe, this game hurts.  Those proudly presented gold and purple jerseys have quietly scurried out of tunnels long enough for Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant to acknowledge the importance.

The Second Expectation...

While we expect greatness at home against the Lakers, our standards are not so optimistic when LeBron James comes to town.  The fans still flood to the arena to "witness" the show, and for 3 years now have come away disappointed.  Make that 6 straight for the Cavs against your Blazers and another 6 straight of unstoppable performances from James.

After being treated to both Kobe and LeBron in one weekend, it's easy to see that James is clearly above Kobe at this stage in their careers.  Both came in motivated, both put up numbers, and that's where the similarities end.  Bryant has drowned in the aura of the Rose Garden while James' determination has him sailing far above it.

Enjoying it All...

Whatever your feelings are towards the NBA's top 2 players, you have to admit that this weekend provided everything we love about the game of basketball.  We had star power, national coverage, incredible signs, drama, Baldwin's, ups and downs, quotes, different colored shoes, nicknames, chants, wins and losses.

The Blazers may have gone from the unthinkable high to a simmering low, but how can you not walk away as a satisfied basketball fan?

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