January 22, 2010

The Pre-Funk: Blazers at Celtics 1/22

The all day coverage you need to go into tonight's contest.  We're just making sure you're prepared to drop that extra knowledge on the brosephs to get you another smidgen of respect.

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The guy that tops our "Most Hated Player in the NBA" list returns tonight to face "your" Portland Trail Blazers.  In fact, he returns the day after learning that he'll be an All-Star starter which is as insulting as Tracy McGrady (thank you Steve Nash) and Allen Iverson getting nods.  To put this into perspective, his numbers are worse than LaMarcus Aldridge's who is by all means having half the season we all predicted of him and is years from seeing an All-Star bid.  If you are looking purely at flashy stats, he would rank 56th in points per game and 37th in rebounding.  I should also point out that he doesn't qualify for statistical rankings because of a lack of games played.  That's right. he's played just 29 games meaning he's missed a quarter of the first half of the year.  Oh, but he has lots of Gatorade commercials.  That's right, we're talking about Kevin Garnett.  Nice work fans, nice work.

Definitely not looking forward to this game.  My hot air balloon has lost so much air that I'm struggling to stay afloat right now.  I can take losing Greg, Joel, Outlaw and the others, but I can't handle Brandon Roy dropping for 2-4 games or possibly longer.  The guy is so good, he can play with 3rd stringers from the D-League and still propel this team to wins.  And with him out, it just doesn't feel the same.


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