October 26, 2008

2008-09 NBA Power Rankings: Week 1

Rankings are sort of the my "thing" and I tend to rank just about anything I can think of.  I've had a ton of fun at my other blog running NFL Power Rankings each week, so putting together weekly rankings of NBA teams just seemed like a "no brainer."

I tend to do these in a simple enough format to spark some conversation from readers.  Bantering back and forth about players, rankings and teams is something that truly shows your passion towards a sport.  Enjoy!

1. Los Angeles Lakers
Bynum is back and Mamba is pissed the hell off from last year and riding ridiculously high from Beijing.

2. Boston Celtics
Returning champs that return just about everyone except for Posey; still the Lakers have Kobe.

3. New Orleans Hornets
Chris Paul may just walk away with the MVP this year; watch out for some real magic.

4. Utah Jazz 
Once Deron Williams is healed, expect this team to really wreak some havoc on the old guard

5. San Antonio Spurs 
It pains me to place them this high but you can't deny the past.

6. Cleveland Cavaliers 
Can LeBron finally break through with a quality point guard by his side?

7. Detroit Pistons
New coach and a new outlook, plus he can dunk!

8. Houston Rockets 
Injuries scare the hell out of me with this squad, but maybe "Scary" Ron will bring a healing touch.

9. Phoenix Suns 
They may be just a little too old to really make a push, but with a determined Nash and Diesel looming, beware.

10. Portland Trail Blazers 
I'm not sure I really need to explain this one.

11. Dallas Mavericks 
Jason Kidd is old, Howard is a tool, and Dirk can't win anything big.

12. Toronto Raptors 
So interested to see how these Raptors turn out with some big moves in the off-season.

13. Philadelphia 76ers 
Their success all depends on if Brand is actually healthy again and stops making f-ing movies.

14. Orlando Magic 
Dwight Howard scares me, but they made zero meaningful moves in the off-season.

15. Washington Wizards 
Is Gilbert Arenas ever going to play again?

16. Denver Nuggets 
I saw someone call them the "Thuggets" and I about died laughing.

17. Chicago Bulls 
Is Vinny Del Negro actually worth of coaching an NBA franchise?

18. Atlanta Hawks 
A lot of young talent is running through "Hot"-lanta these days; I'm expecting surprises.

19. Miami Heat 
Hopefully Wade returns to MVP form and Beasley shuts the f*%k up.

20. New Jersey Nets 
Hahaha...oh the Nets.

21. Milwaukee Bucks 
They may have talent, but it's freakin' cold in Milwaukee people.

22. New York Knicks 
Stellar coach, but still, not-so-stellar players.

23. Los Angeles Clippers 
A 23 ranking could be considered a gift.

24. Sacramento Kings 
I have a man-crush on Kevin Martin but he's about all the Kings have going on.

25. Charlotte Bobcats 
This could turn real ugly, real fast with LB at the helm.

26. Golden State Warriors 
What a mess they turned out to be, but look for Maggette to be huge in fantasy hoops.

27. Indiana Pacers 
Hey, Josh McRoberts is on the squad!

28. Minnesota Timberwolves 
Miller and Foye could be a nice 1-2 punch, but they still have Kevin Love.

29. Memphis Grizzlies 
OJ Mayo might sneak in and grab the ROY honors, OK that was a bad joke.

30. Oklahoma City Thunder 
Love ya KD, but it'll be another 20 win season.

Check out Cuzoogle for a cheerleader infused version of the NBA Power Rankings.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Anonymous 10/28/08, 6:42 PM  

Good call, and "whoops!"

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