October 22, 2008

Blaze of Glory - 10/22/08

  • Greg Oden's brother is a beast!  On the football field... [Scout.com
  • Ben from Blazers Edge takes a tour of the Oregonian.  A pretty entertaining piece to say the least.  [Blazers Edge]
  • And since we were MIA for the game the other night against the Kings, here is a link to a hefty list of recaps from all walks of blogging life.  [Oregonian Blazer Blog]
  • A look at the Northwest Division from some pals of ours.  [FanIQ]
  • Another Blazer blogger preview.  [Darth Weasel]
  • Give it up Danny Ainge, he'll never play again.  [USA Today]
  • And if you haven't heard, Kevin Martin made an extra grand by dunking on GO.  [Fanhouse]

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