October 20, 2008

Blaze of Glory Special - Trail Blazer Season Previews 2008-09

This is a special listing of the various Portland Trail Blazer blogs' perspective on the upcoming season. As this list continues to grow (and I'm imagining it will), then I'll just keep on updating it!

Blazers Edge
In short, the notable statistics aren’t good, but they’re not crippling either.  They indicate what’s holding the Blazers back from being legitimately good, not what’s dooming them.

Baller Blogger
If you’ve read any of my writing over the past year (The two of you can put your hands down now. Yes, that includes you, mom), you know that I absolutely love this team and have a super-geeky sports fan man-crush on Kevin Pritchard.

Rip City Project
I would have said 48-50 before the Webster injury, but I think that, combined with the brutal nature of our early schedule, will knock us back a couple wins in November and December.

Daily Barometer
After watching the preseason game, I came away most impressed with Fernandez. I've heard NBA analysts compare his play to Manu Ginobli of the San Antonio Spurs, but I think Fernandez will be better.

A Stern Warning
Outside of winning and losing, the Blazers will be looking to see how Oden integrates with frontcourt running mate Aldridge and no doubt will be focussing on getting his offense to a level where he becomes a threat down low with more than dunks.

Hardwood Paroxysm
I kinda want the Blazers to be bad. Mostly because I’m bitter. I know they’ve had a bad run, some bad luck, and some general misfortune, but it’s like every person in that front office is collecting their karma checks all at once. The surprise team of the league last year wasn’t good enough, so you give them Oden and Bayless. THAT makes sense.

The Big Lead
If there’s a more titillating young starting five in the league, please notifty us: Oden (20), Aldridge (23), Outlaw (24), Roy (24), and Blake (28).

Through thick and thin, Portland loves their Blazers. Since their epic 2001 game seven collapse against the Lakers, Blazers fans have had to endure the JailBlazers era and the ensuing rebuilding process that followed. Now, the Blazers are back in the playoff hunt with a team of likeable and talented young players. The Blazers will have a big homecourt advantage from the start, and the Rose Garden will once again be a place that nobody wants to step into.

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