October 24, 2008

Blazers Lose to Utah 100-89 and No One Cares...

"Your" Portland Trail Blazers finished up their pre-season last night with a loss at Utah in what looked to be quite the sleeper.  Well, maybe sleeper is too strong of a term, but when Roy, Oden and Aldridge are all in Gucci instead of Adidas, what's the point in watching right?

Since once again the game was not televised, I was forced into ESPN's Gamecast which is painful to say the least.  The Blazers third stringers actually started the game off pretty hot with 8 of 11 from deep giving them a solid first half lead.  Then Randolph hit the floor and his Duke-ness brought the Blazers run to a complete hault which in turn, created a 100-89 loss.  That's all the recap you are getting!

Can we please start the regular season now?  I've read enough speculation and cockamamie preview posts to make my eyes AND groin burn.

Here is the box score in case you are extemely bored.

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