November 28, 2008

Did Someone say Home Court Advantage? Blazers Dismantle Hornets. 101-86

Best start since 2000-01?  Best start at home since 1998-99?  This team is really looking like something we imagined but didn't think possible for at least a few more years.  Oden's progress is definitely taking its sweet time, but the rest of the team is rolling.  LaMarcus seems to have found himself, Blake and Sergio are making quite the point combo, and Rudy Fernandez on any given night, is a spark that any NBA team would dream of.  Oh, and did I mention that Brandon Roy is quickly moving himself into elite territory?

Quick Recap:

Since I was out "James Bond-ing" tonight, I can't add much to this except from what I see from the box score, minimal highlight reels, and this horrific "Talkin' Ball" show on CSNW.  So lets jump straight to the bullets.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Blake and Sergio sure took care of Chris Paul for the second time this season.
  • Luckily, David West was also shut down.
  • The hype around Oden is starting to die off, and that's a good thing.  For him.
  • It's OK to take nights off Brandon, but we like this version much better.
  • Peja Stojakovic is not going to lead any NBA team to a win.
  • Martell, please stay injured.  We need Batum.
  • How big of a disappointment has Tyson Chandler been this year?
  • I'm shuddering a bit while thinking about the upcoming road trip.
Plus/Minus sheet:

Hightlights for those of you watching James Bond tonight:

Box score.

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