November 5, 2008

Jazz Win 103-96. Bleh.

It really irritates me to type that.  My hatred of the Jazz dates back to the Malone/Stockton/Hornacek days and will likely never yield.  Boozer is a Dukie, Kirilenko has horrific hair, Okur screwed Z-Bo from a magical All-Star spot, and Deron Williams is too damn good.

So what happened tonight?
  • Brandon Roy was just "off".  Not sure what the deal was, but I saw him throw passes with defenders clearly in the passing lane, dribble off his feet, and rarely force the issue.  
  • 2 rebounds from LaMarcus?
  • Bayless 0 minutes?
Defense was probably the deciding factor once again.  Despite the inconsistent play of LMA and Roy on the offensive end, the team is really showing that it can't defend ANYONE on the other end.  I jumped all over Blake after getting torched by 2 premier point guards last week, but now the whole team is at fault.

McMillan, like many coaches, preaches hard-nosed play on defense which will reward your offense, but we just aren't seeing it.

On a positive note, we've got to give props to Rudy again for another solid performance off the bench.  We did need just one more three from you though, you sexy Spaniard!

Box Score.

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Anonymous 11/6/08, 4:22 AM  

Hey Kellex,

What's your position on Bayless? At this stage I'm actually not unhappy with him sitting and giving Sergio the lion's share of the backup PG minutes. I just think that Bayless, as talented as he is, needs to realise that he is a rookie, get a bit of humility and also realise that he will have to learn to be a facilitator, not just a scorer, if he wants to be effective in this league. It's early days and I hope he learns from the experience of watching the team. Down the track he will get his chance.

I'm enjoying the new site by the way.

-- Mookie

Anonymous 11/6/08, 9:09 AM  

Wow, I typed out an entire comment and it disappeared. Let's try this again...

Basically I think Bayless can bring much more of a defensive intensity that Blake is clearly lacking right now. I'm not saying that they should start him, but at least give him some damn minutes.

And I'm glad you are enjoying the blog so far!

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