November 26, 2008

Miami...Sucks? Blazers Cruise over Heat. 106-68

Are the Miami Heat one of the worst road teams in history or is the Rose Garden just that big of an advantage? Probably the latter, but still, the Miami Heat were completely exposed tonight and where was Dwyane Wade? I think this quote about sums it up:
"From the beginning of the game, all the way through, they outclassed us and outplayed us," Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said.
Still, it was a fun sight to see; even if we were in section 304!

Quick Recap:

The Portland Trail Blazers put up a season best 37 points in the first quarter to jump out to a 20 point lead that never got below 10.  The second and third quarters were pretty even between the teams while the fourth quarter pratically mimicked the first.  You know things are going well when Brandon Roy scores just 8 points and the team wins by 38.  It was quite the team effort the entire 48 minutes.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format: 
  • Greg, you played well tonight, but seemed to disappear for about 30 minutes.
  • And nice new look too by the way.
  • What a defensive effort from LaMarcus and Joel!
  • Tonight just wasn't your night Mr. Wade.
  • And who else do the Heat even have besides you?
  • Six players in double figures, and none were Roy.  Wow.
  • I have a giant man-crush on Batum.  Find this kid some damn minutes!
  • Beasley tried to dunk on Joel...hahah.
  • Thatta baby Channing!
  • You too Sergio with those 11 assists and just 1 turnover.
Highlights for those of your prepping turkeys:

Box Score.

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Anonymous 11/27/08, 7:55 AM  

seems like a few teams took the night off in prep for turkey day.

Who was worse, the Heat or the Thunder?

Anonymous 11/27/08, 2:15 PM  

Well there is no comparison to the Thunder. LeBron played 17 minutes? eek.

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