December 16, 2008

15 Thoughts vs. Sacramento 12/16

After three days off, I'm starting to feel a little revitalized.  Are you?  The Kings come into town tonight to take on "your" Portland Trail Blazers and I think we're all hoping that tonight is the perfect rebound opportunity.  There may be some snow and ice on the roads, but the Rose Garden should still be packed with eager fans.  Well except for all those yuppies in the 100's who are there just to grow their social status.  Let's bring some love and get these boys back on the right track!

1.  No Kevin Martin, still.  +1 Blazers
2.  An actual 3 day rest.  +1 Blazers
3.  Sacramento recently entering the coaches before x-mas firing contest+1 Blazers
4.  Kenny Natt in his first coaching gig, goes for 2 in a row!  +1 Kings
5.  ESPN Accuscore is blowing up the Kings.  +1 Blazers
6.  Remembering the Clippers loss vividly.  +1 Kings
7.  Roy going for his 4th straight 30 point effort.  Toss Up
8.  Retiring Mr. Terry Porter.  +1 Blazers
9.  Still not seeing how you are ever going to win with Salmons at the helm.  +1 Blazers
10.  I really want an Oden facial on Spencer Hawes.  +1 Personal  Satisfaction
11.  And I'm also hoping Spencer saw this video of his idol+1 Haha
12.  What's going on with Joel lately?  Toss Up
13.  I want more Bayless.  Toss Up
14.  Luckily the Blazers all drive Range Rovers.  -1 Icy Roads
15.  If you don't win this one, the next 2 weeks are going to be rough.  Toss Up

Totals:  Blazers 6   Kings 2   Satisfaction 1   Laughter 1   -1 Ice

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

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Matt 12/16/08, 9:35 AM  

I really need a win tonight, so does Blazer Nation. You going to the game?

Anonymous 12/16/08, 9:40 AM  

Don't think I'll be at this one. Plus, I may need a night off from the RG...the last 2 games hurt.

Jack Brown 12/16/08, 10:27 AM  

Kevin Martin on my fantasy team: -1 me
I play fantasy basketball: -1 me

Matt 12/16/08, 10:31 AM  

Haha, I like that.

Zero Kings or Blazers on my fantasy team: +1

Now I don't have to think about it at all!

Anonymous 12/16/08, 12:04 PM  

Roy dropping 30 in 3 plus for my fantasy team. +1 me!

Holding on to Rudy for 3 weeks too long. -1 me!

erik hogstrom 12/16/08, 4:49 PM  

I hope the Blazers get the win and arrest the slide.

Anonymous 12/16/08, 9:30 PM  

Blowout f-ing city?

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