December 7, 2008

15 Thoughts vs. Toronto 12/7

As you can probably tell, I'm refusing to talk about the Boston game.  There are way too many annoyances that aren't worth my time which is why we are jumping right into today's this morning's game.  The Raptors, fresh of a devilish road trip, head back home to take on "your" Portland Trail Blazers who are obviously just finishing up a devilish road trip.  It should be a solid battle with the big debate being whether or not Portland can bounce back after the loss from 2 nights ago?

1.  Bounce back time!  Toss Up
2.  Bosh picking the wrong time for a giant slump?  +1 Blazers
3.  Jermaine O'Neal's knees.  Toss Up
4.  Ooh ESPN Accuscore is back on it.  +1 Blazers
5.  That whole Toronto coaching situation.  +1 Blazers
6.  Raptors players keep saying "Give us some time!"  +1 Blazers
7.  Young Italian vs. Young Frenchman.  Toss Up
8.  Toronto gives up 102.3 points a game?  Eek.  +1 Blazers
9.  Calderon vs. Blake.  +1 Raptors
10.  Blazers have played more road games than any other team.  +1 Raptors
11.  Roko vs. Sergio!  +1 Toss Up
12.  Toronto only 3-7 as underdogs, Portland 10-0 as favorties.  +1 Blazers
13.  Still though, they do have Chris Bosh.  +1 Raptors
14.  Who the hell doesn't even have a page for their dancers?  -1 Raptors Org
15.  And who the hell plays basketball at 10 AM?  -1 East Coast

Totals:  Blazers 6   Raptors 3   East Coast -1   Organization -1

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

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