December 21, 2008

Shirtless Dancing Guy from the Phoenix Game

I'm sure many of you saw the guy from the other night dancing like a fool after the game with his shirt off?  Here it is "gif'd".

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Anonymous 12/21/08, 8:57 PM  

He's a plant. He was the "dancing referee" in the Sacramento game. He travels around the league and comes out dressed like an NBA referee during a timeout. He reacts to the mascot's taunting by dancing and "stripping". A quick look around the floor shows that he's a 4th "official". Looks like he stuck around for the Phoenix game too.

Anonymous 12/21/08, 9:17 PM  

Yeah I heard that he was planted which makes it a lot less funny, but still, the goofy whites guys all around him that started taking their shirts off and dancing like jacka**es made it all worth it

Anonymous 12/22/08, 2:11 PM  

Very Disturbing Image

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