January 10, 2009

15 Thoughts vs. Golden State 1/10

The Golden State Warriors head into Portland tonight sporting one of the most pathetic records in the entire league.  Unfortunately, the Blazers tend to play down to much of their competition and if G-State gets hot, this will likely be quite the battle.  Plus, the Rose Garden crowd is used to epic battles with the Warriors and even with Brandon back, you can expect a tight one.

1.  Obviously Portland will be heavily favored via Accuscore+1 Blazers
2.  Roy in.  +1 Blazers
3.  Rudy out.  Toss Up
4.  Golden State is 4-19 on the road.  +1 Haha
5.  Portland is 13-4 at home.  +1 Blazers
6.  Looking at G-State's roster...I'm curious why they are so bad.  -1 Don Nelson
7.  Remember Anthony Morrow?  Yeah he sucks as predicted.  -1 Early Hype
8.  Golden State has taken 11 of 14 from Portland since 2005.  +1 Warriors
9.  But Portland has taken 3 of the last 4.  +1 Blazers
10.  No Stephen Jackson?  +1 Blazers
11.  Possible fight tonight?  Toss Up
12.  Biedrins vs. Aldridge.  Toss Up
13.  Battle of the Seattle boys:  Crawford vs. Roy.  Toss Up
14.  Portland entering the first part of a much needed weak schedule.  +1 Blazers
15.  Not talking about Darius Miles.  +1 Me

Totals:  Blazers 6   Warriors 1   Haha 1   Don Nelson -1   Early Hype -1   Me 1

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

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