January 19, 2009

15 Thoughts vs, Milwaukee 1/19

We’re refusing to talk about the loss to the Charlotte Bobcats if you hadn’t noticed and actually, the entire road trip is not worth mentioning.  After having high hopes of going 4-0 and coming back barely 2-2, there really isn’t much to say.  So now with a little home stretch ahead, hopefully these young pups can get back on track.  The first test comes at the expense of the Milwaukee Bucks whom are likely a lot better than that 20-23 record says.  Their roster is filled with more talent than either the Sixers or Bobcats and should pack in quite the punch tonight, especially after losing to the Clippers the other night (Hah!).  And I’ve got to say, this was one of the hardest “15 Thoughts” ever as the Bucks are probably the most “blah” team in NBA history.  Does anything interesting come out of Wisconsin?

1.  Welcome back 2nd youngest team in the NBA!  +1 Rose Garden
2.  Time for Brandon to get his groove back?  Toss Up
3.  Average point guard play vs. average point guard play.  +1 Blazers
4.  Battle of the struggling benches?  +1 Blazers
5.  Both teams on an alternating win-loss streak.  Toss Up
6.  Who’s going to stop Michael Redd?  Toss Up
7.  Luckily there isn’t an elite PF to school LaMarcus.  +1 Blazers
8.  And no Gerald Wallace to get lay-up after lay-up.  +1 Blazers
9.  And no Bogut to abuse Oden.  +1 Blazers
10.  Richard Jefferson is still playing?  -1 Wisconsin Media
11.  ESPN Accuscore is back on board.  +1 Blazers
12.  Portland owning the last 3 in this seris.  +1 Blazers
13.  Stop playing down to your inferior competition!  -1 Experience
14.  Better win this one, because it’s not getting any easier.  +1 Wednesday
15.  Wow, I think I just predicted a blowout.  Toss Up Me

Totals:  Blazers 7   Bucks 0   RG 1   Wisconsin -1   Experience -1   Wednesday 1

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

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