January 15, 2009

The Blazers are Sending out All-Star Swag. Again.

True Hoop mastermind, Henry Abbott, received his box full of swag today from the Trail Blazers and he was most impressed.  To give you a quick recap of the significance, the Blazers have been sending out promotional items over the last few years for Brandon Roy to get his name spread throughout the NBA ranks in hopes of landing him on the All-Star team.  This year they went double-time by sending out swag on LaMarcus Aldridge as well.

Contained in the box was:
Anyway, inside there is a Flip video camera (the mino version) loaded up with some highlight reels of LaMarcus Aldridge. The packaging and everything is customized, with his stats and stuff. (Although if I were the Blazers, I would have pointed out that Aldridge is top ten in the NBA in adjusted +/-. So what if few coaches know what that means. It's Aldridge's most impressive stat, bar none.) I have a flip video camera, and like it a lot. That's how I shot all that video from Train Like a Pro. Reggie Evans saw mine in the Sixers' locker room last night and rushed to point out his, which he said his agent had given him for Christmas.

Then there is another box. This one is bigger. And if the little one is a tidy little video camera, the pressure is on the big box to somehow be more impressive.

That one is a satellite navigation system for your car. I was on the phone when I opened that one, and the person at the other end heard about it and immediately said "f--- that, I wouldn't give that back. I'd give back books and sneakers and stuff. But a satellite navigation system? That's an asset."
If you really need to give this stuff away Henry, you are more than welcomed to send it this way.

Last year the team sent out the i-Roy which I still need and the year before that it was the Brandon Roy Leatherman

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