January 12, 2009

Brandon "The Natural" Roy

We're just getting nothing done at work having too much fun today...

In honor of Brandon's fantastic nickname, "The Natural" and those amazing strawberry blond locks of Robert Redford.

And of course anytime I attempt to manipulate a movie poster, I have to give a shout out to my boy Cuzzy and the top notch work he keeps doing to inspire us all.  (Man crush maybe?)


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Anonymous 1/12/09, 4:16 PM  

haha thanks for the shoutout.

no man crushes please.

Anonymous 1/12/09, 4:18 PM  

Or maybe the man crush was on Mickey Rourke and those hot highlights he was sporting last night at the Golden Globes.

Anonymous 1/12/09, 8:38 PM  

I kind of wish he could get a more original nickname. Not only is The Natural a cheesy movie but its also a deliciously cheesy offering from Pizza Hut. I'd prefer a superstar nickname that wasn't associated with such things. Then again that poster is hilarious, so maybe its all worth it.

Anonymous 1/12/09, 10:38 PM  

The first NBA player to have a Pizza Hut pizza named after him!

Anonymous 1/13/09, 9:39 AM  

Brandon Roy's nickname is the Roy-bot. I'm the only person that calls him that, but I'm sticking to it. The Natural is weak sizzle.

Anonymous 1/13/09, 10:34 AM  

Roy-Boy...not bad. Maybe we should start a contest to get him a new nickname?

Anonymous 1/13/09, 10:40 AM  

Nice Casey! But you are not the only RoyBot supporter, I've been down for over a year: http://deceptivelyquick.blogspot.com/2008/01/circling-back-brandon-roys-nickname.html

And if you have a nickname contest, the least votes should win. The mainstream will always go with the most boring, played out, familiar option.

Anonymous 1/13/09, 11:30 AM  

So true...I'm all about a 4 word nickname that we can also shrink down into some nifty little acronym. Although, there are many NSFW 4 letter words out there. :)

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