May 22, 2009

Filling the Blazers Void

My Portland Trail Blazers void filler has obviously been the rest of the NBA Playoffs and I must admit that it’s working pretty well.  From that final buzzer of the 4th quarter during game 6 of the first round match-up with the Rockets, I felt as though a huge weight had lifted off of my shoulders.  Not that this blog puts some enormous amount of pressure on me, but I do feel responsible enough to at least bring the readers interesting, entertaining or news-worthy material on a regular basis.  I genuinely love doing this and hope to continue to do so for years to come.

So I’m filling my Blazers void with the rest of the NBA basketball world in sort of the same way I used to on a former NBA basketball blog of mine.  For me, the off-season Blazers speculation stuff is a complete snooze fest, so I apologize if you’re seeing a lack of coverage on lottery or front office business.  I’ll be there during the draft when KP drops a few more “slaps” to the league.  I’ll be there when summer league breaks and Bayless goes off for 50+ in a couple of games.  And I’ll definitely be there when the opening tip to the regular season is on the brink.

Soon enough the sun will shine daily here in Portland and I can’t wait to participate in the beer-filled activities that will follow.  It should make these next few months fly on by and before you know it, the 2009-10 season will be upon us.  But until then, we’ll keep on truckin’ with one of our favorite past-times, NBA gossip.

What are you doing now to fill your Blazers void?

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