May 18, 2009

The Elite 8 Fantastic NBA Feuds

Kenyon Martin and Mark Cuban continue to shred each other in the media almost a week after their whole Mother's Day debacle.  Right when we thought it was over, Kenyon decided he needed to re-fuel the fire which also happened to fuel our fire on the rest of the fabulous NBA feuds of years past.  (That was way too many F's and cheese.  Excuse me.)

8.  Shaq vs. Stan Van Gundy

It all began with a measley little flop from the big guy which garnered a quick jab from his former coach.  Not one to ever let anything slide, Shaq came out quickly in classic Shaqtus form calling Van Gundy a "master of panic" and expects to see the Magic "let down" because "of his panic."  Shaq's words proved almost true against the Celtics but fortunately for Stan, his team managed to piece it all together despite the Big Aristotle's claims.

7.  Mark Cuban vs. Don Nelson

In his first showing on our NBA feuds list, Mark Cuban recently ended a almost 2 year old battle with Don Nelson over roughly $6.3 million.  Unfortunately for the Cubester, he hit his 50th birthday and also lost the arbitration over the deferred payments to Nellie forcing him to shell out what Nelson referred to as "pimples on Cuban's ass." 

6.  Stephon Marbury vs. Mike D'Antoni

This fun little feud began almost immediately with the hiring of Mike D'Antoni as the New York Knicks head coach.  The rumors jumped into the newspapers that D'Antoni was looking to unload Steph in hopes of obtaining 2 of his favorites from Phoenix:  Leandro Barbosa and Boris Diaw.  Once neither of those players were able to move, this thing got really filthy.  At one point, the Knicks were down to 7 players left on their bench with Marbury reportedly refusing to play or dress almost causing them to forfeit games.  Well, instead of actually settling the issue, the Knicks drug out contract payouts and eventually banned Marbury from the arena.  Luckily for fans, he randomly showed up in Los Angeles to a game and filmed videos on a bus stop bench.  Freak.

5.  Tim Duncan vs. Joey Crawford

The most random scene probably in NBA history.  Tim Duncan sitting on the bench laughing at the Mavericks and a couple of calls causes Joey Crawford to "T" him up twice and then ask if he wants to fight.  Hah.

4.  Darius Miles vs. Portland Trail Blazers

This one might be longer than this post can take...The basics here go something like this:  Darius Miles loves weed, strippers and injuring his knee while forgetting to rehab.  The Portland Trail Blazers love rebuilding their image, cutting off excess baggage, and hugging wholesome kids.  At one point, the Blazers had Miles examined by a doctor who diagnosed his knee as "career ending" which gave Portland the option to unload Miles' ridiculous contract freeing up an ungodly amount of cap space.  And then Miles returned and then the Blazers threatened the entire league.  Classy.

3.  Mark Cuban vs. Kenyon Martin & his Mom

In Cuban's second stint on our list, we cover the latest feud to enter our NBA lives.  Just over a week ago, the Denver Nuggets got done last-second-shocking the Dallas Mavericks at home which prompted quite the crowd reaction against the "Thuggets."  It also prompted Mark Cuban to call Kenyon Martin a "thug" or a "punk" (depending on the story you read) to Martin's mom.  Not always respectful to many, Cuban apologized via blog which hasn't set well with Martin who just won't let this thing go calling Mark a "coward."  Someone lock these boys in a room and let this nonsense come to an end...quickly.

2.  Latrell Sprewell vs. P.J. Carlesimo

The choke felt 'round the world?  After battling for days, Sprewell warned Carlesimo at a Warriors practice not to approach him and P.J. being the jackass he is, refused to listen.  Spree took a solid 15 seconds to relieve P.J. of air before teammates arrived and pryed him away.  He wasn't done though, running back minutes later to throw a couple of haymakers...

1.  Shaq vs. Kobe

You know your feud is top notch when it has its own Wikipedia page.  This all started off with Shaq insulting Kobe at the guard position and then having Bryant quickly fire back.  From there, everything just got nasty.  References to Kobe "buying" his love after his much publicized Denver outting were noted by Shaq just after Kobe mentioned Shaq paying up to $1 million to keep his rendezvous with other women quiet.  The two were eventually slated to battle it out on a Christmas day game which proved to be one of the most hyped games in NBA history.  It was actually pretty uneventful aside from Shaq completely ignoring Kobe during the pre-game ritualled handshake between teams.  The two have since reconciled but we will definitely remember the many gems for years to come.  So does Shaq's ass taste?

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Anonymous 5/19/09, 12:21 PM  

Hmmmm... what about Reggie Miller vs. Spike Lee??

kellex 5/19/09, 12:58 PM  

I'd go more rivalry with Spike and Reg. But definitely worth a look.

Gerakis100 5/20/09, 5:54 AM  

How can they let someone like Crawford still ref in this league after that Duncan Ejection?! Stupidest Call Ever

kellex 5/20/09, 2:47 PM  

And he's still awful and yet they still let him ref half the playoff games.

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