October 13, 2009

Holy Backboard's NBA Preview

The crew over at Holy Backboard approached us as well as a few other NBA and Blazers related blogs about participating in a collaborative preview.  We gladly accepted.  They went with a very simple format, with quit hitting questions to allow you to compare all of the answer submitted by each participant.

Here is our NBA preview section:
Top 8: West - 1. Lakers 2. Spurs 3. Trail Blazers 4. Nuggets
                        5. Mavericks 6. Jazz 7. Hornets 8. Suns

Top 8: East - 1. Cavaliers 2. Magic 3. Celtics 4. Heat
                      5. Hawks 6. Bulls 7. 76ers 8. Raptors

West Finals - Lakers vs. Trail Blazers
East Finals - Cavaliers vs. Celtics
NBA Finals - Lakers over Cavaliers
MVP - LeBron James
Rookie Of The Year - Blake Griffin
Defensive Player Of The Year - Dwight Howard
6th Man Of The Year - Rudy Fernandez
1st Team All-NBA
# G- Chris Paul
# G- Kobe Bryant
# F- LeBron James
# F- Tim Duncan
# C- Dwight Howard

Breakout Player
- Gilbert Arenas
Biggest Underachiever - Hedo Turkoglu
Surprise Team - Raptors
Disappointing Team - Hornets
Most Likely Give His Coach A Heart Attack - Stephen Jackson
Man V. Food: You Need A Partner, Eddy Curry Or Zach Randolph
Eddy Curry

To read the rest of the previews and to see our Blazers preview, head over to Holy Backboard.

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