December 10, 2009

Blazers Fans Disappointing in All-Star Voting

Seriously people, this is pathetic.  This is our only professional franchise, we fill the arena every single night, talk about them constantly with peers and co-workers, yet can't find 1 minute a day to vote them into the NBA All-Star game.  Come on!

Early results look like this:

Western Conference

1.  Kobe Bryant - 692,518 votes
2.  Tracy McGrady - 281,545 votes
3.  Steve Nash - 272,135 votes
4.  Chris Paul - 248,049 votes
5.  Jason Kidd - 207,247 votes
9.  Brandon Roy - 106,416 votes

1.  Carmelo Anthony - 588,958 votes
2.  Dirk Nowitzki - 366,300 votes
3.  Pau Gasol - 280,758 votes
4.  Tim Duncan - 271,321 votes
5.  Kevin Durant - 177,205 votes
11.  LaMarcus Aldridge - 70,588 votes

1.  Amare Stoudemire - 447,776 votes
2.  Andrew Bynum - 299,484 votes
3.  Nene - 90,439 votes
4.  Marc Gasol - 75,765 votes
5.  Greg Oden - 73,874 votes

For a full breakdown of rankings including the Eastern Conference head over to

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Joseph 12/10/09, 11:53 AM  

I know! I've been voting every single day for Brandon, LaMarcus, Greg (even after the injury), and Rudy as my write-in vote. The turnout thus far is pretty pathetic.

Anonymous 12/10/09, 12:01 PM  

Well, right now there aren't any guards in the West better than Kobe and Nash. The same goes for fowards, Dirk and Anthony. As for centers without Yao and Shaq, Amare is the only choice since Duncan is a foward.

kellex 12/10/09, 12:15 PM  

What's pathetic is that people are still voting for Tracy McGrady...this is like the 3rd year in a row the guy has been injured yet still gets voted in as a starter.

pat 12/11/09, 9:17 AM  

i feel you guys. im a laker fan but i really like watching the blazers especially your boy b-roy. i think besides kb24 b-roy should be 3rd in the guard cp3 being the 2nd. im sure the coaches will vote b-roy off the bench.

while lamarcus stats went down when oden was healthy, im sure hell pick up the slack and will start racking up the pts and reb. im just not sure if that can help him be an all star where west is fully loaded in te forward position. melo, dirk, pau, duncan, durant, boozer.

good luck blazers fans and i hope a speedy recovery for your big man. i really want to see our boy bynum go against your boy oden in the playoffs.

kellex 12/11/09, 10:17 AM  

Possibly the greatest comment from a Lakers fan ever. I actually appreciate that Pat.

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