December 5, 2009

Breaking: Greg Oden Out with Knee Injury

Wow, what a night.  That picture says everything you need to know...

We saw the big man go down, learned that he was headed across the Rose Quarter to Rebound Orthopedics for an MRI and then our sources sent us the bad news..."broken kneecap."

We actually sat on the news for almost 5 minutes until we could really confirm.  Our first tweet at 8:16 PM is when we had the news...

And then we broke the horrible news at 8:20 PM...

Here is the video which is completely cringe-worthy:

Ben from BlazersEdge has the reactions from the organization:

Kevin Pritchard...

Coach McMillan...

The rest of the coverage...
  • Could this injury have been prevented?  Possibly.  [Wendell Maxey]
  • Ben has everything else in this post. Go check it.  [Blazers Edge]
And for everyone close to the situation, Brandon Roy pulled out another miracle...

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Unknown 12/6/09, 6:20 AM  

As a Laker fan, I was looking forward to the great Bynum-Oden battles in the post 2-3 years from now. Now, it will take miracle for that to happen.

I feel fer ya Blazer fans.

kellex 12/6/09, 10:25 AM  

I want to be pissed at you right now for saying that it will likely never happen, but at this point, it's tough to stay positive and imagine those battles ever happening.

Unknown 12/7/09, 4:26 PM  

I'm just being realistic... Can you say with confidence that Oden will be re-signed by the Blazers in 2011? If ever that happens, I see the Knicks signing him (or some other desperate team), but not the Blazers.

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