December 7, 2009

Rudy Fernandez About to be Traded?

It was an odd last minute scratch from Saturday's home game against the Houston Rockets wouldn't you say?  Just a day after trade rumors broke on Andre Miller, Rudy disappears with an apparent re-aggravation of sciatic back pains.  I'm not trying to go all conspiracy theorist on you, but the timing should perk your ears especially after last summer's reports of an unhappy Fernandez, his spotty play, and the team not showing a ton of concern towards finding him minutes.

On Sunday, as the team was preparing to leave for their 4 game east coast road swing, Joe Freeman chimed back in with news that Rudy would miss the Blazers next game in New York and would join the team midweek.

And tonight, we heard mixed reports on his "midweek" status and Portland's Wednesday match-up with Indiana.  According to Brandon Roy, we won't see Rudy in Indiana, yet Coach Demopoulos hadn't heard or wouldn't confirm that news.  Hello communication breakdown?

Then Jason Quick snuck in this article just before tip-off:
Fernandez, who sat out Saturday's game against Houston and did not make the team's flight on Sunday for tonight's game in New York, is getting the second opinion in Portland on Monday.

Gerard Darnes, the Spanish agent for Fernandez, said the back problems stem from last season's nasty fall against the Lakers, when Trevor Ariza fouled him from behind, leading to Fernandez leaving the court in a neck brace and on a stretcher.

Darnes was in Portland on Friday and is in New York for the Blazers game against the Knicks. He said the doctors are trying to identify the origin of the back pain.
Anyone else find it odd that his Spanish agent is in New York instead of with his ailing client?  He probably doesn't need to be holding his hand on the MRI table, but what's he doing traveling with the team?  We all know that Kevin Pritchard likes to hit the road and after the Oden injury, admitted that it might be time to look at making some moves.  Was something already in the works before Greg went down?

This should get interesting...


Rudy has chimed in via his own blog and he's either saying the right things or really is injured.  We'll lean towards the injured side this time and give him the benefit of the doubt...
Recently I was telling you about taking care of the body. The last days have been hard because I’m not done with my back problems and I can’t participate with the team normally. Sometimes you have to stop to be able to continue, because the back hurts a lot right now. I missed the last home game, against Houston, and now I couldn’t make the trip to the east coast with the team. I had to stay in Portland to rest and do treatment. It’s a shame not to be able to play in New York against the Knicks, I know that a lot of Spaniards are in New York on vacation these days and a lot of them had tickets to go see me play in the Garden, like it happened last year. A lot of you have told me on this site. I feel bad I won’t be there but this is the right thing to do now, try to get healthy as soon as possible. Anyway, thanks for your support, that you show here, as always
Get well soon number 5.

*Update 2*

Rudy's agent has shot down rumors of a possible trade and also acknowledged these back issues as starting after the flagrant foul from Trevor Ariza.

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