January 7, 2010

Andre Miller has Heated Conversation with McMillan

Reports coming in that Andre Miller and Nate McMillan had quite the exchange at practice this morning.  It sounds like Miller has finally cracked after repeatedly being sent to the bench in the 4th quarter during a recent stretch of games.

Brian T. Smith first broke the news...
At 11 a.m., a heated, expletive-filled exchange occurred between Blazers coach Nate McMillan and guard Andre Miller. The tirade lasted until 11:25 a.m.

Miller was not on the court when the media was allowed into practice.

Miller loudly disagreed with McMillan, at one point stating, "I ain't going to take this (stuff)."

McMillan later fired back: "You don't play the way we want to play."
Jason Quick has chimed in, relating the confrontation to the game ending situation in Tuesday's loss to the Memphis Grizzlies...
One of the topics discussed was an incident late in Tuesday's game with Memphis, when Miller told Jerryd Bayless to make his second free throw with 4.3 seconds left and the Blazers trailing by two. The coaching staff and team captain Brandon Roy told Bayless to miss the free throw so the Blazers could attempt to rebound and make a tying basket.
Quick now with quotes from Pritchard...
 Pritchard said the exchange was "normal".

"On every team I have ever been on ... guys have opportunity to speak what they feel. That's OK. The question is, can we become better because of it. Either you can or you can't. I'm hoping we can.''

Pritchard and McMillan both said there would be no punishment forthcoming.

"Absolutely not,'' Pritchard said. "We don't muzzle people. It's like being in a marriage. If you don't say something it builds and builds, then it's said, and when it is and it is honest and open, you can get better from it.''
The conversation between Miller and McMillan is said to have taken place during at open forum with the entire team.  Miller wasn't practicing due to a sore back, but was definitely around for the team chat. These kinds of open talks should take place in every organization no matter what the industry.  If it got heated, who cares.  It's not always daisies and cupcakes between employees and their supervisors is it?  Maybe this is the conversation that this team really needed.  Neither McMillan or Miller has ever really opened up to each other from what we've read and maybe now they've spoken truthfully and directly.

And as you may have guessed, the Dre Miller haters have already flooded Twitter and will likely take over the rest of the media outlets within the hour.  Expect to hear complete ignorant garbage regarding the situation for the next couple of days including some bullshit lengthy post from John Canzano.

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