September 9, 2009

Portland Trail Blazers Dictionary for Dangerous Fans

The ultimate knowledge base of current Blazers terminology, slang and randomness to help your inner-homer come to life at games or in a bar with buddies?  (Well, maybe in due time.)

If we've left anything off that you feel needs to be added, please drop a comment with your request.  This thing will hopefully grow and grow and grow throughout the years so feel free to chime in.

*This list is all about fun, so if you find yourself offended by it or for some reason needing to spam off internet-tough-guy comments please leave now as you are a complete tool.

"BATUM SHAKA LACKA!" - Phrase coined by "Wheels" whenever our boy Nicolas Batum throws down some serious thunder.  Stems from another of Wheeler's famous phrases.

Blaze the Trail Cat - Portland's mascot which originated in 2002 is reportedly some version of a mountain lion...and one of the worst mascots in sports.

"BOOM SHAKA LACKA" - Brian Wheeler going off after some thunderous-dunk-nastiness.

Doubt-law - aka Travis Outlaw -  Nickname given to Travis Outlaw for his sporadic and sometimes detrimental play.  See Trout.

Dr. Jack - aka Jack Ramsey - Coach of the 1976-77 NBA Championship Blazers team.

Duck - aka Kevin Duckworth - R.I.P. big man.  One of the all time Blazer greats passing away in August 2008 from heart failure.

El Machetero - aka Rudy Fernandez - Nickname straight from the mouths of Blog De Rudy Fernandez.  Who's got the t-shirt made?  See Spanish Fly.

The Enforcer - aka Maurice Lucas - Nickname for Mo Lucas as the Blazers muscle and as a major player in the 1976-77 Championship season.

Ghostface -  aka Joel Przybilla - Our favorite of the many nicknames for Joel with this one bringing back the teenage hip hop filled glory days.  See Vanilla Gorilla.

The Glyde - Nickname of arguably the greatest Blazer in history, Clyde Drexler.

GO-Hawk - Coined after Greg Oden showed up to a game during his rookie season with this fantastic mohawk creation.

Jail Blazers - The era we wish we could all forget.  Plagued by arrests, poor play on the court, and some of the biggest P.O.S.'s the game has ever seen, the Blazers quickly became the laughing stock of the league.  Thank you Rasheed Wallace, Bonzi Wells, Damon Stoudemire, Quintel Woods, Zach Randolph, Darius Miles, and Sebastian Telfair.

LA - aka LaMarcus Aldridge - The REAL nickname for LaMarcus Aldridge.  Teammates and close friends refer to him as "LA" rather than "LMA" as many fans seem to think.

"Mercy, Mercy Jerome Kersey" - phrase coined by none other than Bill Schonely and nickname to one of the all-time Blazer greats.

Mountain Man - aka Bill Walton - Ahh, the bearded great one.  Also heard around the streets as "Big Red" or "Greatful Red."

The Natural - Unofficial nickname for Brandon Roy given by the Blazers radio announcer, Brian "Wheels" Wheeler.

"Pritch-slapped" -  Term coined after Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard embarrassed GM's from around the league in both the 2006 and 2007 NBA drafts.

"Red Hot and Rollin'" - Other than the book detailing the great Blazer days of the late 70s, I have to leave this one up to your interpretation.

Rex or Baylessaurus Rex - aka Jerryd Bayless - Gotta give Blazers Edge credit for this nickname, Jerryd is our fiery little backup point guard fighting to get all that game of his on the damn court. 

"Rip City" - Phrase coined by former announcer Bill Schonely during the inaugural season of the Blazers after a made basket.  The phrase has since become famous and arguments over its meaning continue today.

The Schonz - aka Bill Schonely - Former Blazers TV announcer who coined phrases such as "Rip City," "Bingo Bango Bongo," and "Climb the Golden Ladder."  Plus, the man has his own bar in the Rose Garden.

"Spanish Connection" -  Former duo of Portland which included Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez plus a ton of highlight reels.

Spanish Fly - aka Rudy Fernandez - Until we get something better that actually sticks.  See El Machetero.

Tone - aka Antonio Harvey - Sidekick to Brian Wheeler on the Blazers radio broadcasts.  Tone played for the Blazers in the 1999-00 and 2000-01 seasons.

Trout - aka Travis Outlaw - Quick nickname for the one and only Travis Outlaw.

The Uncle Cliffy - The famous Clifford Robinson dance after winning the 1992 Western Conference Finals. Greatest part?  He came up with the name.

Vanilla Gorilla - aka Joel Przybilla -  Most recognized nickname of the workhorse himself, Joel Przybilla.  Also see Ghostface.

Wheels - aka Brian Wheeler - Blazers radio play-by-play announcer.

The Zers - aka worst nickname in team sports history - For some reason the word "Blazers" was too hard for people to say so they came up with something worse than your Mom's meatloaf.  No one is calling the Yankees the "Kees"...come on people.

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Bart King 9/9/09, 3:52 PM  

Great list; I've never heard "Doubt-law before. Heheh, ouch. Hey, there is another possibility for Rudy's moniker. See:

kellex 9/9/09, 5:08 PM  

Hah love it, adding now.

Pete Skeet 3/6/10, 4:22 PM  

That's funny that Bayless is referred to as "Rex". I always thought of Dante as "Dante-saurus" or "D-Rex". A good one for Bayless is "A J-Bay".. check out the song on

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