October 20, 2008

Welcome to Blaze of Love!

What’s goin’ on everyone!?  I’d like to welcome Blazer fans and bloggers to the newest Trail Blazer blog on the block!  My name is Kellex and I’m the sole owner and writer here at the BoL, but from time to time will definitely have some of my close friends and writers jump on board to spread their wealth of knowledge in hopes of entertaining the hell out of you!

Quick Intro

I’m a supercharged sports fan with my true love having always been the NBA.  In fact, you may be aware of some of my previous projects such as Le Basketbawl and the Sports Dollar (still running the SD actually).  So, I may be new to writing about my favorite NBA team, but I’m definitely not new to the blogging game and won’t be asking for your patience as I jump right in with this; I plan on going full force with the season only a week away!

I’m a Portland transplant that has fallen madly in love with “Rose City” and “Rip City” and have found myself smiling from ear to ear once the decision was made to start a Blazer blog.

What to Expect

While blogging, I tend to try to have fun more than anything.  I’m definitely not a guy that’s going to break down X’s and O’s for you and talk about game planning and rotations in any detail because frankly, that sh*t bores the hell out of most people.  I tend to lean more towards entertainment pieces including lists, but you’ll definitely also be seeing some controversial entries just to get the fans and opponents really fired up.  There is nothing I love more than some good conversation on my blogs!

I’ll be talking trades, rumors, news, personal Blazer experiences, and anything else your average fan would enjoy.  Expect contests, giveaways and a lot of love!

This should be a fun journey and I’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of the Blazer blog nation as well as all you fans out there.  The best part?  THE GAMES ARE ABOUT TO BEGIN.  See you at Schonely’s for a pint!

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Carolyn Hastings 10/21/08, 7:07 AM  

Yay - Kellex has a new blog! I'll be visiting often and will expect to land an interview for And One. :)

Kellen 10/21/08, 8:12 AM  

I love interviews!

Unknown 10/21/08, 2:41 PM  

Very cool blog Kellex.


Anonymous 10/21/08, 3:07 PM  

this blog has more potential than Greg Oden.

Anonymous 10/21/08, 5:44 PM  

Sad but possibly true.

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