December 8, 2008

15 Thoughts vs. Orlando 12/9

It feels good to have the team back in town doesn't it?  The Orlando Magic follow "your" Portland Trail Blazers into town from the east coast and should give us quite the homecoming.  Orlando currently sits at 3rd in the east after winning 8 of 10 and looking mighty hot I might add.  But can they take down the number 2 team in the west?  (Damn it feels good to say that!)

1.  Dwight Howard going double-double in the first quarter the other night?  +1 Wow
2.  Blazers taking 8 of 9 from the east this year.  +1 Blazers
3.  Oden vs. Dwight!  Finally!  +1 Magic
4.  That ridiculous Rose Garden advantage.  +1 Blazers
5.  Orlando battling the ClipShow last night in a dewsy.  +1 Blazers
6.  Yahoo thinking this 10 day 5 game road trip won't be difficult-1 Yahoo
7.  Looking forward to a JJ Redick sighting!  +1 Crowd Participation
8.  Hoping the Blazers don't live up to a return home hangover.  Toss Up
9.  60% on the Accuscore+1 Blazers
10.  Battle of the bad point guards.  Toss Up
11.  Blazer Dancers vs. Dunking Dancers+1 Magic
12.  Points for vs. Points allowed.  Toss Up
13.  For whatever reason, Turkoglu kills Portland.  +1 Magic
14.  For whatever reason, Rashard Lewis stinks against Portland.  Toss Up
15.  A crew of 5 of us in attendance!  +1 Blazers

Totals:  Blazers 5   Magic 3   Yahoo -1   Crowd 1   Wow 1

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

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Matt 12/9/08, 9:15 AM  

Yes Sir! Go Blazers, you going tonight?

Matt 12/9/08, 9:16 AM  

Above is me by the way, just trying to work out the kinks!

Anonymous 12/9/08, 9:20 AM  

Haha I figured. Yeah I'll be there! A whole crew of us actually, should be fun.

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