December 10, 2008

Bad Defense, Super Shooting. Magic Snipe the Blazers. 109-108

First off, take a look at that photo.  With the game on the line, and one of the most clutch shooters over the last couple of seasons with the ball, slow as a goat, and a major threat from deep, how on Earth does he get that much separation?  Maybe some on-ball pressure Travis?

I really wasn't looking forward to writing this recap and it might actually carry a slightly different format than normal game recaps because I am still fuming even after a night's sleep.

Bad thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Defense was horrendous tonight.  I'd like to blame Outlaw for it all, but everyone is at fault here.
  • How many times did we see zero rotations and layups or wide open three's for the Magic?
  • Yeah, they may have shot the lights out, but who wouldn't when you have that many open looks.
  • And yes, Hedo Turkoglu is way up on our "most annoying" list.
  • Three guys not named Dwight Howard scored 20 points?
  • Stop acting like a damn baby Greg. 
  • Back to Outlaw.  The team needs you to play defense, not just worry about your g*d damn, one dribble, pull up signature, easiest in the league to guard, fade away.
  • Nate, you were out-coached in the final minutes.
A couple of good thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Hell of a game from LaMarcus and Brandon.
  • Bench play was pretty solid and the reason the team had a lead at one point.
  • As clutch as Blake has been, probably should have kept Sergio in the game down the stretch.
  • Nice work on Dwight.  He was basically a "non-factor".
Plus/Minus sheet:

Oden Rant:

Seriously big guy, it's time to act like a man.  You're not in high school anymore, you're not in college anymore and you sure as hell aren't hurt anymore.  When a big time challenge is in front of you, TAKE IT ON.  Stop disappearing each time one of the elite centers in the league shows up on your doorstep.

The second thought is about your attitude before games.  You get announced into the starting lineup and you WALK out from the bench showing ZERO emotion?  How can you not be somewhat excited to be the starting center for one of the most exciting teams on probably the #1 home court in the entire NBA?  It's absolutely baffling.

Third...what's with the pouting at the end of the bench?  So you are in foul trouble and probably not getting back in the game, who cares?  During timeouts, when the team is making a run, maybe you should join them in huddles?  Instead of standing 5 feet back crying like Big Baby, try saying "Nice job guys! Keep it up!", it might actually feel good and help get your a** involved.

You are proving to be not much of a teammate Mr. Greg Oden, and it's very disappointing.

Box score.

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