December 3, 2008

15 Thoughts vs. Washington 12/3

**Update** After that embarrassment that was posted earlier, you now have a picture and a couple of links.  Oh and some bold type.  Damn work has officially pissed off my blogging.

(WARNING! This is the crappy BlackBerry version thanks to some nifty new internet blocking software at work.)

The Portland Trail Blazers probably face their toughest test of the season tonight.  Wait what?  Yes you read that right.  What I mean, is that after a huge win last night in New York, they play for the second night in a row and against one of the worst teams in the entire league.  Oh and the kicker?  The Boston Celtics sit just around the corner.  If these boys start looking too far ahead, then they could be embarrassed tonight against the Wizards; let's just hope that Nate has them focused. ‬‪

1.  The Wizards are flat out awful.  +1 Blazers‬‪
2.  ESPN Accuscore not showing as much love as it should.  +1 Blazers‬‪
3.  Washington is shelling out 102.2 ppg.  +1 Blazers‬‪
4.  In last year's match-ups, the home team always dominated.  +1 Wizards‬‪
5.  Caron Butler jacked up his knee last night?  +1 Blazers‬‪
6.  Arenas about to join Darius Miles on the jackass injury retired list.  +1 Miles‬‪
7.  Portland remains undefeated against the east.  +1 Blazers‬‪
8.  Juan Dixon sighting!  +1 Memories‬‪
9.  Portland is now 9-0 as the favorite.  +1 Blazers‬‪
10.  The most annoying NBA dancer page ever-1 Wizard Girls‬‪
11.  Washington actually b*tched about their schedule.  +1 Kidding Me?‬‪
12.  Roy struggling in Washington like he did last year?  Toss Up‬‪
13.  DeShawn Stevenson doing something completely annoying.  +1 Guaranteed ‬‪
14.  Blazers not looking ahead to the Boston game.  Toss Up‬‪
15.  Me starting to look ahead to the Boston game.  +1 Guaranteed‬‪

Totals:  Blazers 6   Wizards 1   Darius 1   Memories 1   Wizard Girls -1   Kidding 1  
Guaranteed 2‬‪

Predicted Winner:  Blazers‬‪‬‪

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Jack Brown 12/3/08, 11:01 AM  

Your internet is under attack too? Conspiracy!

Anonymous 12/3/08, 3:04 PM  

just like the knicks the wiz have no shot blockers. portland has a lot of them. game over.

Anonymous 12/3/08, 5:21 PM  

It's the start of the second half and we are tied. I expect the Blazers to bring the heat now.

Anonymous 12/3/08, 6:58 PM  

new coach sunday, look out blackberry blazers

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