December 31, 2008

A Blaze of Love Happy New Year!

We don't necessarily have a ton of things to look back and reflect on as we've only been live for a bout 2.5 months now, but we can wish everyone a very Happy New Year! The BoL crew will not be out on the town tonight so don't expect any viral drunken blazer fan videos to be popping up, but we will be enjoying the night with some close friends just a few blocks from the RG.

I hope everyone plays it safe, and if you see anyone down on all fours barking, they are probably not imitating KG but are likely puking from a long night of boozing.  And if you pop into Dirty or Crown Room and run into either Channing or Bayless, give them a nod, maybe a hand shake and move on with your business.  No one enjoys the creepy fan in public places! 

Talk to you all in the morning!  (I refuse to say all that cheesy crap like, "see you next year!" or "next month!" or whatever else jackasses at work always spit out that they think is hilarious after 40 years.)

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