December 30, 2008

Blazers do the Unthinkable? Roy-less Portland Bullies Boston. 91-86

Who predicted this win?  Even if before I knew Roy would be out and then wrote a post after hearing the news saying that I should have picked Boston?  Me!  I had faith or ESP or who knows!  Either way, the Blazers pulled off what no one on the planet could have imagined.  (Except for me.  Hah.)

Now I'm not about to go into all the BS about players stepping up when their star teammate is out or anything ridiculous like that; I'll save that for the boring and easily predictable blogs.  What I will say, is that this team came out with energy, toughness and a ton of heart that drove them through the defending world champions.  I'm skipping right through the normal "quick recap" and going straight into bullets.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Nice to meet you Greg Oden.  Best game of your career.
  • And LaMarcus, thank you for being the leader that this team needed tonight.
  • Travis, I still think you should be traded, but you did have a huge bucket.
  • And also a huge turnover.
  • How many free-fouls while traveling can one Paul Pierce receive each night?
  • KG, you got punked tonight.  No doggy style tonight big guy?
  • The officiating was absolutely awful.
  • The 6-on-5 play was phenomenal.
  • Where would this team be without Steve Blake?
  • Decent effort from Bayless, but without the experience he gets wreckless.
  • Eddie House's game is laughable.
  • Rondo was poised to take over and then disappeared down the stretch.
  • Anyone see Ray Allen tonight?
  • Don't get comfortable in street clothes Mr. Roy, they'll need you on Friday.
Plus/Minus Sheet:

Highlights for those of you Oregon Duck-ing:

(On the way!)

Box score. - the #1 destination for headwear

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Carolyn Hastings 12/31/08, 5:20 AM  

Do it again, do it again!!!

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