December 29, 2008

Portland Favorite: Crown Room

In our quest to provide you with a ton of hot local spots around Portland, we bring you one of our favorite night joints.

Favorite Low-Key Dancing Spot

Crown Room (205 NW 4th Ave) -After visiting the Crown Room just once, it quickly became my favorite spot to listen to solid DJs, dance a little, sip cocktails and meet up with friends.  You sort of get that, “old Chinese restaurant turned dance party” vibe when you walk in with the old circular booths and long running bar, but you also feel instantly comfortable.  A full size pool table sits in one corner with the DJ booth and dance floor opposite.  The CR is split down the middle with booths and dancing on one side while the large bar and more seating take up the other half.

So why do I really like this place?  I have a few reasons actually.  First off, the music is always entertaining and usually includes fun 90s hip hop to 80s pop to current stuff, but these DJs actually know what they are doing unlike many of the other shotty clubs in Portland.  The second reason would be the crowd.  You never feel like you have to put on your “club shirt” with diagonally obnoxious stripes and patterns or wear that ridiculous looking Affliction t-shirt so you can feel MMA-tough or your skinny jeans with bandana tied to your wallet.  Basically what I mean here, is that the crowd is super chill and not there to try to impress anyone.  Plus you never know when you might run into Channing and his friends, which we did just a couple of days ago!

And the final reason….NO COVER.  (Added bonus would be the dirrrrrrrrrty Magic Gardens right next door!)

And your favorite night spot is?

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