December 22, 2008

What's Up Portland? Nuggets Make it Look Uncomfortably Easy Against the Blazers. 89-97

What a horrible effort tonight from the Portland Trail Blazers.  A Carmelo-less Denver Nuggets squad came out with more fire and more gut than any of you and made you look like the team from years past.  Maybe it was the fact that they all looked like they needed haircuts.  Did anyone notice the not-so-tight hairdos of the Blazers?  I guess this winter storm has them stuck without a barber.  Better hope tomorrow's travel isn't used as an excuse.

Quick Recap:

There weren't many high points for the Blazers tonight aside from Steve Blake lighting it up early from deep and LaMarcus scoring in stretches.  Roy was off, Batum forgot to show up, Outlaw is hardly ever good, Oden is worthless and Przybilla was bleeding.  The Blazers basically allowed Nene to look like an All-Star tonight while also forgetting to stop the weak penetration of JR Smith.  Not a good effort from Portland, and a very much deserved win for the Nuggets.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Brandon Roy came with the 52 point hangover.
  • Chauncey was good, but not the reason Denver won this game.
  • Greg Oden is completely worthless right now.
  • Please never let Ike Diogu in another NBA game.  PLEASE.
  • Channing, not sure what's up, but figure it out.
  • Chris Anderson is easily still present on the most annoying list.
  • As is JR Smith.
  • As is Nene.
  • Nice to see Bayless even if for only 3 minutes.
  • Better come live tomorrow night boys.
Plus/Minus Sheet:

Highlights for those of you shoveling: - the #1 destination for headwear

Box Score.

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Anonymous 12/22/08, 10:11 PM  

so the fact that Ike brought hustle wasn't good enough? And Greg was a factor when he was in! You like to circle the +/- part. +7!!

Anonymous 12/22/08, 10:48 PM  

I watched 4 possessions in a row in which Ike gave up 2 dunks and then turned the ball over twice making a weak offensive move. Energy isn't always a good thing.

And I'll give Greg a point for his +7 but I won't for his less than average play. 10 pts, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 6 fouls in 21 mins? Not exactly what we should be seeing from a #1 pick after 28 games.

The circle there was really meant to point out the bench play tonight which was definitely the big reason for this loss.

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