July 2, 2009

Rudy Really Upset with Portland or Not?

Definitely some mixed reports coming out today on whether or not Rudy Fernandez really is pissed at "your" Portland Trail Blazers.  Kevin Pritchard and Nate McMillan seemed surprised by the reports, yet Rudy came out in a Spanish radio interview today and sort of confirmed that he is confused at the need for Turkoglu.

Jason Quick reports:
The "news" that Rudy Fernandez is "infuriated" with the Trail Blazers for their interest in Hedo Turkoglu comes as a surprise to coach Nate McMillan and general manager Kevin Pritchard, both of whom had separate conversations with the guard earlier this week on the phone.

"I just spoke with Rudy two days ago, to see how he was doing, and he said he was doing fine and that he was happy,'' McMillan said. "I talked to him about our moves, and how we did in the draft, and why we did what we did in the draft and he was fine with it. We talked about Sergio (Rodriguez) and he was OK with everything we've done.''

Pritchard said he "had a good conversation" with Fernandez on Monday.
And Blazers Edge has a translation from Rudy's interview:
According to Marca Rudy talked to Efe Radio:
1º.- There´re always rumors and he knows about them from the press.
2º.- He hasn´t talked to his agents about him leaving the Blazers. He has only comented with them about      the possibility of Turkoglu going to Portland.
3º.- He doesn´t close doors to any team from Europe or the NBA4º.- Asked about whether Torkoglu going to Portland might affect his playing time, he said: I want to play. We´ll have to talk with Portland and ask them how can I do it.
And a little more:
" Turkoglu is a Guard and we are speaking about almost six for two positions. This makes me think that the team does not give me space for my work. I have demonstrated that I could be more of a factor."
"I have been surprised with the minutes that I have played but if now they pick up a player in my position, that will stop my progression, and what I want is minutes so I can improve."
Who knows at this point right?

I understand that Rudy could be a little frustrated with the addition of a big contract.  In the next 2 years, the Blazers will commit a ton of money and minutes to Oden, Roy, and Aldridge and with Turkoglu also taking up a chunk of change and playing time, where would Rudy fit?

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