October 30, 2008

5 Ways for Greg Oden to Pass the Time

We all know Greg Oden is on the shelf again for 2-4 weeks with some random foot injury that only 7 footers magically stumble upon while mysteriously NOT stepping on anyone's foot although they keep telling the media they did.

So with Sir GO-hawk just chillin' for the next couple of weeks, we figured he'd be bored seeing as he just spent the last year with too much time off naming dogs and doing bad karaoke.  How about some ideas for him to pass the time?

1.  He could start dominating at the local skatepark?  (Burnside!)

2.  He could take up DDR again to confirm to us all that he really didn't need micro-fracture from a video game!
3.  He could find himself a very nice pedicure shop and have that sore foot worked on.

4.  He could take over the local soap box derby race and use his inner chameleon?

5.  For the sake of the franchise, he can step away from the path we hope he isn't headed down...

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Unknown 10/31/08, 8:57 AM  

Niiiice. Photoshop, is there anything you *can't* do?

Anonymous 10/31/08, 9:25 AM  

Just messing around. :)

ticketstumbler 10/31/08, 9:54 AM  

Once Oden is back, I wish they'd give a line up of:


a chance.

Anonymous 10/31/08, 10:04 AM  

Would be fun, but not sure there is enough balls to go around with that lineup.

World of Isaac 10/31/08, 11:44 AM  

#5 is awesome...well done

Anonymous 11/6/08, 7:12 AM  

Backside 5-0 Greg Oden is LMAO hilarious!

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